API Calls With React and Axios

Axios is used to fetch data from API call.

You can get dummy API URLs from https://www.randomuser.me/

Install axios npm package in your project

npm install axios --save

Note: –save will add axios in your package.json

After the successful installation of the package, Let’s add axios in your component.

import axios from 'axios'

Create a state object in the constructor so we can use its updated value in our component.


Create your axios request in componentDidMount function or any other function that you want to execute.

var api_url="https://randomuser.me/api";//set your endpoints here

var method="GET"; //type of your request(POST,GET,PUT,DELETE...)

//request header
var headers={

   url: api_url,
   method: method,
   headers: headers,
//on error

Once we successfully fetched data from API, we need to render data in our HTML as per requirement. To render an object we mostly use the map function.

{this.state.data.map(function(item, index){
return (
<div className="info">



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